Diablo 3 Why was this rejected?

posted by MarkOfAries • 4 years ago

This is the second time ive submitted it, the first time i used a quote from the opening of the game, they didnt want words so i removed it. Reworked it and resubmitted it and then i get this:

“Diablo III – Second Round Rejection: We regret to inform you that your submission did not make it through the second stage of approvals. You may have used a mark or design that was not acceptable by Blizzard Entertainment’s approval committee and we are unable to accept your design at this time. you can make changes to your design and re-submit within the deadline if you wish. “

First of all that doesnt mean anything its very vague and now its too late for the deadline and if i was using something that they didnt like why didnt they tell me the first time so i could fix it, i didnt change the drawing all i added was a border to frame it better so they could of told me the first time.

i just wanted it to go up for voting, this sucks.

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MarkOfAries MarkOfAries Artist
daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

Unless borders and frames are used effectively in the design they usually aren’t seen in high regard by the community and in this case because it is quite a big contest they are really seeking a fairly high standard of artwork. I got knocked back plenty of times before in the past and even this contest in particular was very difficult but u’d be surprised at what you can really achieve if you put your mind to it. I like certain aspects of your design and you have a cool drawing style it just needs to work more in line on clothing. I hope this motivates you and you continue to submit more designs at Designbyhumans! :)

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

If your submission was rejected after the Friday deadline then you have 24 hours to identify the issue and correct it to resubmit your work.

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