Need some critique & feedback on my first submission before I submit

posted by MopingFellow • 3 years ago

BoredinSuburbia photo BoredinSuburbiaTshirt_zps8363429e.jpg

What do you think?

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MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada

I’m hoping some of the DBH staff could give me some feedback on this one!

waldy waldy Artist from Philippines


becks42 becks42 Human from United States


daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

pretty trippy! looks good though!

Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

Try fitting it in a tshirt and see how it looks bro, from there, you can adjust your design depending on the placement & appeal when mocked-up on a shirt.

Very cool design by the way. It has an urban, social commentary feel to it.

MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada

Thanks for the feedback all!
I just tried out the tshirt mockup and I think it looks alright

Outcast84 thanks for saying that, that was kinda what I was going for actually. Btw Subterranean Surveillance is such an awesome concept, I really like the tentacles holding the cameras dude

Anyways I think I’m gonna go ahead and submit this design and see what happens, be on the look out for it, ill post a link here

MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada
Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

very well executed man! the placement is just on point for me, not too big, not too small, just the right size! good job on that one brother! goodluck!!

thanks for appreciating my Subterranean Surveillance artwork man, Im glad you liked it!

MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada

thanks outcast! goodluck on your designs too man
haha no problem, ya Subterranean Surveillance blew my mind!

I saw your D3 tshirt process photo in the critque section, gotta ask you, do you bring that traditional line work right into photoshop and then color from there? I’m still developing my workflow and really enjoy inking my work before I color it in illustrator but I sometimes feel like its exhausting when I have to go over my line work again with the pen tool. live trace works alright but not well enough. I try to retain a traditional quality to the digital work so that it holds those happy accidents and style that happens in traditional medium, illustrator can be almost too clean for me sometimes so that’s why I ask.

Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

It depends on the level of detail and process I’m doing, for instance, If I’m doing line work that does not involve heavy shading, I just illustrate the lines traditionally then scan them and do the shading & line work digitally. But in the case of my D3 work, I did all the sketch, line work & shading traditionally then just cleaned them up and colored the artwork in Photoshop. I didn’t have to re-trace it digitally since my artwork is big enough to scale so that I never have to stretch them out and damage pixels after blowing it up lets say 40 × 40 inches.

I used a thick-gram paper (size A3) to keep up with heavy cross-hatching and wet solid inking, then used technical fine pens & brush pens to achieve that traditional feel.

Ultimately, it depends on what you want to achieve. If you want perfection, go for digital re-lining, but for me, traditional inking / line work offers a more authentic approach and gives your work, more soul. It may not be as perfect as digital lines but that’s the main point. just like you said, those “happy accidents” give the artwork attitude. makes it more Human.

MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada

I agree completely, this is why I used the blob brush for Bored in Suburbia to try and keep my lines true to me as if I drew it on paper rather than a perfect and that too digital look. I actually liked the look of the linework in my sketchbook at one point haha check it out. This is actually an older idea that I had sketched out last year so the hat on pot belly tom was added in the inking process, ignore the marker spots

MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada

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