Need some help here. Thanks!

posted by papaomaangas • 3 years ago

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Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

I think your first design is most successful. I would say your presentation could be better though because I’m not sure where the black background ends and the model’s body begins.

I would say the second design needs more work. The concept seems like it has potential but whatever is happening in the background is hard to understand.

I think the third one should be scrapped to be honest. The style of the different hearts and the photo of the tank are making it quite strange. The colors are also too primary and the color scheme should be more thought out.

Anyways I hope you got something out of my mini-critiques.

papaomaangas papaomaangas Artist from Philippines

@Anti-hu Thank you sir, I also thought of the same thing for design 2 and 3, but I like my 2nd design, I just can’t choose a good background for it, thanks man, highly appreciated.

bulld0g bulld0g Human from New Zealand

I like all 3 designs…I think they’re great…1. Can’t really fault it…. 2. Can’t fault that either… would look good on a brighter coloured Tee… 3. Great statement…leave it as is…Keep it up.

waldy waldy Artist from Philippines

I like the dog and camouflage effect but without the wire background

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