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posted by maxruddock • 3 years ago

Take a look at some of my art, appreciate comments and a vote if you like my stuff :) thanks..



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Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

Hey, I’d say you have some cool ideas and concepts here, but you can def make these better.

For the ape I think some of the anatomy is getting a bit confusing towards around the belly and leg area, overall the legs feel a bit too small or out of proportion. I really dig the line quality of your black lines, they’re quite unique, but I think the color shading you’ve done doesn’t really mesh well with it. The color choices feel a bit strange also, especially the green tee.

For the splatter clown, I think it is maybe a bit too splattery and loose, maybe too many saturated colors as well. I’d like to see something more heavy and less floaty, something to ground the piece. I think you’re on the right track with it though.

maxruddock maxruddock Artist from United Kingdom

Thanks for the feedback man, appreciated! still new to this T-shirt business! working on more new ideas! cheers for the critique though!

maxruddock maxruddock Artist from United Kingdom

the proportion was meant to be like that of the ape, but if you say it looks strange I’ll take that into consideration!

naomipin naomipin Human from United Kingdom

What I love about art is that there is no wrong or right involved!
The other thing that is wonderful are people’s concepts. The idea of the concept is completely personal to that individual, meaning if an image/illustration is portrayed in whatever form was obviously deliberate to that individual at the time of their design. Thus there is no perfection or imperfection in art.
The “ splatter” is purely another technique being established here … art needs boundaries to be bent to allow new styles to branch from. I personally feel as though this image is emerging from the T-shirt.
This kind of style is what today’s world needs to be introduced to, to be different not mundane.
It is lovely though that you personally feel this individual is on the right tracks because your designs are up to such a high standard as I have observed by the votes on your own art :-)

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