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posted by EWART • 4 years ago

Check out my latest design too!

“Hot Breakfast”

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EWART EWART Artist from United States

Here’s My latest Design: “Hot Breakfast”

13neutral 13neutral Artist from Samarinda, Indonesia

that’s funny design, good!
this is my first design
hope you like it and vote it guys :)

EWART EWART Artist from United States

Thanks! Love yours too! +1

murdokthesad murdokthesad Artist from SP, Brazil

Great, dudes! This is my third design submitted, but it has only 6 votes yet… Any tips to get more votes, or critiques!?

Thank you!

vansparrow vansparrow Artist from United States

Can You Vote Please!

EWART EWART Artist from United States


Hi! I think your design feels somewhat “disconnected”, the colors are great and hopefully you will continue to create artwork. I’m new here so I’m learning about the voting process also!! I think the trick is to submit several designs that are original every day and just wait for votes while you promote your work through social media or bookmarking sites online. Good luck to you all!!

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