"Ad" in the back of t-shirts?

posted by umptimpl • 4 years ago

It doesn’t look accidental. I’m curious what your thought process when you made it and saw it was so visible?

I guess I’m not buying any more white/light colored collective t-shirts.

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umptimpl umptimpl Human from Sweden

I just checked my favorites/whishlist. Many of them are collective and would look good on white/light t-shirts. As I don’t only want dark/black t-shirts I won’t be buying as many as I’d planned.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Umptimpl,

Thanks for posting. The inside neck print is always a tricky thing, too much pressure or ink and the text can be seen from the outside. This was never intentional. In fact our tees are of such a high quality and lovely fit that the material is thinner than those heavy cheaper tees so occasionally this may happen. However, we have changed the inside neck print to make it a lighter shade of grey to stop this kind of thing happening. When the tee is against the skin and not held up to the light it is usually very hard to see the inside neck print.

We hope you understand that we would never try to advertise this way and that we value this kind of feedback. If you are still unhappy with your light garment send our customer service people an email linking to this post and they’ll set things right for you. All future light tees will be printed with lighter grey and I hope that means you’ll be back to wearing Design By Humans tees in no time. Thanks again for the feedback.

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