Why you delete my Designs in the middle of Voting???

posted by CarolinaInBerlin • 4 years ago

Unfortunately, I see no other way to get a reaction, i tried, repeatedly, no reaction from you, unfortunately.

Hey DBH,

i contacted you again and again, you only ignore me….
After i fixed some problems with my Mail-Account, i’m now sure that you get my last Mails….
Why you have deleted my Designs in the middle of Voting, without any Reason?
That’s originally my Designs/Illustrations undoubtedly, and i have never insulted someone or something like that.

To ignore me is more than unpleasant.

Kind regards


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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Carolina,

I am so glad you posted here. I received all of your emails and I responded to all of them but I could tell you we’re getting more and more frustrated. I even emailed you from my private email account earlier today. I can only presume your new mail account is putting my responses into a spam or trash folder.
To answer your question, I got an email from you requesting all of your designs be removed. I removed them all and then you emailed me asking me why. I’m not sure what you want to do now but let m know here and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

CarolinaInBerlin CarolinaInBerlin Artist from Berlin, Germany

Hi Craig,

O.K, good to know, that i have still problems with my account…..i will solve this problem :)

Yes you removed my “old” Designs, and few Days later i uploadet 2 new designs….
Maybe the same problem, at first i used the DBH Help, no answer (now we know the problem) and also send a direct Mail to you, that was the misunderstanding of the situation, because of my Mailaccount-problem…
Sorry, i thought the problem would solved, my mistake….
So thank you for your quick and Kind answer, i’m glad the situation is resolved.

I upload my New Designs and hope all its well and wish you a sunny nice Weekend :)

Greetings Carolina

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States
CarolinaInBerlin CarolinaInBerlin Artist from Berlin, Germany

...Thank you.


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