Ghost Ship Polly. Critique

posted by Kensayy • 3 years ago

Hey Guys,

This is my first design for DBH! Tell me what you think of the placement and colors?


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Kensayy Kensayy Human from Andorra

graphicblack graphicblack Human from CA, United States

I’d actually like to see more of the art, I’m one of those that likes seeing all the details.

I like the colors and the texture. As far as the illustration, it’s a cool idea, I’d finesse the line work a bit more though, maybed draw some wholes in the mast, or further define other parts in the ship. After that I’d shrink it just a liiiitle bit, so you can use the flanking white space to balance the design a bit.

Are those feathers falling off of Polly? maybe add some more on the area below. Or do something with the texture. You could play with perspective by adding more feathers and maybe create a spiral composition. You have that half of the shirt available to you, it’s always worth experimenting with.

I like the circle, but what if you break the shape with some design motif? Some sort of shapes eating the edges? Play around with it.

What does the text say?

Overall it’s pretty cool though, I’d like to see how far you can take it.

artelephant artelephant Artist from NJ, United States

Thank you graphlcblack, I’ll size it a little better and play with the space at the bottom! the feather trail is a great Idea!

And the text is my name art elephant

but thank you so much :D I’m excited to see where it can go!

o0DaGal0o o0DaGal0o Artist from United States

I think its good the way it is… I’m assuming the rough line work is on purpose to convey the tattered condition of the ship? The colors are nice… It works for me… n good luck!

JohnnyGT JohnnyGT Artist from United States

I think it’s good as it is, the colors work and design looks pretty cool. Even though I think the line work on the ship was left like that on purpose or not.

artelephant artelephant Artist from NJ, United States

Please vote guys!

priyanshu priyanshu Artist from MUMBAI, India

the artwork luks fine …....i think any other dark color of t shirt would more highlight ur design. like black

ReggiNinja ReggiNinja Artist from Alabama, United States

How do I get it to look like they look above? To submit, the size must be 640 by 480. It looks terrible when I do that.

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