Ready for submission, i need critique

posted by lmilustraciones • 4 years ago

Hello everyone as they are, I would like to critique my design

1. they think of the color and the location of the tshirt?
2. they think of the colors of the design?
3. would buy a tshirt like that?

Thanks for your time.

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lmilustraciones lmilustraciones Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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graphicblack graphicblack Human from CA, United States

Nit picky thing, but I like the color of the background of the art, more than shirt color, but I guess you picked the closest shirt color so, cool.

Placement/proportion-wise I think it’s fine. Nice and centered, big, but not illegibly big. Only thing that bothers me a little is the tip of the sword, because we see the sword at the bottom, it leads the eye up, we don’t see it anymore, and then we see the tip, so I feel as there’s a slight disconnect between them. I would have a bit of the blade show in between the two guns, instead of behind them. It’s a bit more of a violent implication, but it could be cool.

The color scheme is cool, i like it. It’s a bit low-contrast, if you squint it all sort of meshes together, some highlights wouldn’t hurt, but on the other hand the low-con look works well with the texture you’re using in portraying a worn, antique look, which is pretty cool.

I can imagine a lot of people wearing this shirt, good luck!

lmilustraciones lmilustraciones Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina

thank you very much for your time, I will keep in mind the comments.

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