Anyone like a good zombie shirt?

posted by CorruptCreations • 4 years ago

How would you guys critique this illustration for a design?

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daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

pretty sweet!

storytelldreamr storytelldreamr Human from New York, United States

Very realistic and detailed.

graphicollapse graphicollapse Artist from garut, Indonesia


IBorg2000 IBorg2000 Artist from United Kingdom

Looks great. I would certainly wear that! Love the line work and I like how contained it is, nothing major coming off the side or anything so I think it would look really good big on the t shirt. Have you though about adding limited colour? For example, the woman’s heart was a bit lost as it didn’t really pop out and took a while for me to see it. This might be what you want and is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps try adding limited colour, maybe to the heart to make it pop or just the Zombies eyes or something like that? Just to see what it looks like but I think the design is awesome! Well done :D

graphicblack graphicblack Human from CA, United States

I second what Iborg2000 suggests. I just noticed the intestines getting ripped out…ewwww that’s awesome! haha! nice. But yes, the line work is excellent, but a little bit of color could help this design just be that much better.

One little nit picky thing, her face looks very clean for someone getting mauled. Maybe give her a little bit of splatter on the face, just a little.

Good job. :)

murk murk Artist from Managua, Nicaragua

what about this one here…

Bubingin Bubingin Artist from Papua New Guinea

Hail goregrrrind :)
Why it is not submitted yet?

Barbara1234 Barbara1234 Human from United States

cool+1,why not to submmit it?

CorruptCreations CorruptCreations Artist from Virginia, United States

bump. anyone like?

thomasmilton thomasmilton Human from United Kingdom

Hi I like your cool design but more design us this website.

bulld0g bulld0g Human from New Zealand

Drop the heart & the open abdomen…She’s screaming therefore requires her heart…perhaps draw in an outstreached hand…Needs colouring… I’d buy 1…I’d like it in my collection.

waldy waldy Artist from Philippines

Awesome detailed… can’t wait to see the colored version.
I imagine some neon colors here.. so awesome man!

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