Need help choosing colors

posted by Shachar138 • 4 years ago

Well it’s going to be my first try at submiting a design cant desied on the colors though, any help or opinions in genreal will be much apriccated =]

couldnt figure out how to post an image here so just copy the link for the picture .

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storytelldreamr storytelldreamr Human from New York, United States

Hiya! Even though I do love blue, I would choose the middle one at the bottom (dark red). It would go great with some hot shoes. Plus if someone has some black jeans it would be fire.

laurensophie laurensophie Human from California, United States

Light blue color t-shirt looks amazing, but having some print of elephant makes it looks not will, if it better recommend gildan tie dye t-shirt or plan shirt having some kinds of words written over there, so it’s look much more attraction.

ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia


1. sign up at Photobucket
2. Upload your image there
3. On the right pane there are 4 ways you can share your link.
4. click the ‘DIRECT LINK’ its automaticly copied by clicking
5. Go to your posting page on DBH and paste the link but remember you must have ! at the beginning and end of your comment. For example like this WITHOUT THE SPACING right after first !

! !

or u can also use URL from any website that allow you to upload images, eg: facebook, etc. Good luck!!!

Shachar138 Shachar138 Artist from Israel

will do next time tnx for the help!
by the way the design is up for voting =]

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