Why does the Tee Grinder come up with the same 3 or 4 Tees over and over?

posted by Jereeeeemy • 4 years ago

I was using the Tee Grinder and the same 3 or 4 shirts come up over and over, only 1 of the three ever really changes.

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ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Yeah, looks like it, same here, I think its fair for $25.

MattyCombs MattyCombs Human from MO, United States

because they have more of them to get rid of.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


Good question. You are unfortunate because last week we had a sale on the grinder and that usually drains the stock pretty good. In a few days more tees will be added but if you’re a popular size you may still get repeat tees. I’ll drop a comment in here when we do the next round of reductions.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

and reductions made. You should be getting a more varied batch now.

kW44 kW44 Human from United States

why not let us pick 3 from the grinder options for the $25 price? I’ve found 3 I like, but can never get them together.

KennethP91 KennethP91 Human from New Zealand

^that’s the beauty of the Grinder, wouldn’t be called a “Tee GRINDER” if we were allowed to choose

XDot XDot Human from Greece

hey wotto and staff..
one suggestion would be to create 2 or 3 tee grinders with options of $25(9+9+12 as it is now), $45(15+15+20), $50(15+15+24 or 15+20+24) or $60(20+22+24)
that would give more options and very nice collections to buy.

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