critique please :)

posted by maayanfr • 4 years ago

and +1 if you want :)

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cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

it’s hard for me to tell what it is..but i really like how you have combined shapes to form an abstract look.

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

Also, when you mock up the design on the t-shirt, use the blend mode “multiply” and it will make the white that you have in the design become the color of the shirt…for better presentation. Just a tip.

maayanfr maayanfr Artist from Israel

@cbass99 thanks about the tip, I really looked for a way to improve it! and about the shapes-
It’s something I started a few years back (in high school..) when I was sketching random shapes in my notebook and suddenly it seemed like something familiar, then I realized I can use it to create other things :)

ejiboo ejiboo Artist from United States

i don’t like the ‘stinger’ hanging off of it. lol, i say stinger because it kind of reminds me of a wasp or bee. i like the shapes and i like shapes in general. black and white is always cool to me but maybe try some other color combinations.

yeah the more i look at it the more the ‘stinger’ looks out of place and the title probably isn’t necessary.

play around with it, add and subtract, color and flatten – show us some more. i think this has a lot more potential than your first submission.

maayanfr maayanfr Artist from Israel

@ejiboo first thank you for your honesty :) second, I personally like the ‘stinger’ but maybe I could’ve made it a bit smaller or more refined. anyway, here is a design I made adding red to my black/white shapes – Rose so feel free to leave a critique there as well :)

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