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posted by maayanfr • 4 years ago

hi guys,
I’m working on translating my techniques from the sketchbook to digital (illustrator and others)

any advice? Thanks :)

My first submission here: (it cut off a bit)

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


I think traffic lights are kinda cool and I am yet to see one really work well as a T-shirt design. It’s a bit of an untapped subject matter. I think your design is a good starting point but there are two things that throw the design off for me. One is the sides (triangles) that I think are like the lips that shelter the lights, they look the wrong shape to me. Also the dog being repeated and not actually changing in any way makes the design lack in concept a little. Imagine if the first light was a regular face, second light was a dead face and the 3rd was then a zombies face! lol could be a funny concept. You see lights for me are about changes, so maybe the concept should reflect that? Good luck with your submissions and welcome to Design By Humans.

maayanfr maayanfr Artist from Israel

Hi @wotto,
about the triangles- yeah, I thought the same but they kept looking off to me so I didn’t know if it’s only me, now I know :)
and about the concept- LOVE the zombies idea, pretty funny! But I think I’ll stick to puppies till I’ll get better at illustrator and such.. I’ll appriciate if you’ll check out my Bird design,
that’s the real-sketchbook me (oppose to the illustrator-newbie me) Thanks! :)

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