Color suggestions for PTERODACTYL

posted by Alpha2Antagonist • 5 years ago


I’ve been working on and off on this illustration for a few months now, and as I’m getting closer to finishing, I’m having some difficulties with what colors (and shirt color) it would look best on.

Here are a few screenshots I’ve taken. Appreciate any suggestion and feedback. Thank you!

Don’t mind The Rock lol.

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slamgirl65 slamgirl65 Artist from Michigan, United States

I remember when you posted this before. It’s turning out really great. I still maintain my original suggestion, but with a yellow orange as your main color. As far as shirt color goes, maybe try it out on some different blanks?

Alpha2Antagonist Alpha2Antagonist Artist from United States

Haha, thank you. Yeah.. My first one did not look the way I wanted, so I scrapped it and did a new sketch — and this one I am really happy with how it’s turning out.

I’ve been changing around all the colors on it as I go.. seeing if anything sparks up any ideas. As of now, I am thinking shades of red/orange and yellow for the main body and maybe some green tossed it (i.e. eye & mouth).

It was about 10 months ago I made that first sketch — can’t wait to finally finish this lol.

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