Looking for feedback on my design please

posted by kelhver • 4 years ago

Wondering what you think of this design I just finished up on;

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

I like the ominous feel of the birds circling and crows always evoke feelings of Nevermore. They are a strong concept element for sure. You should maybe try and compose a similar design but with more detail. We have a design Never, Nevermore that is very popular.

kelhver kelhver Artist from United Kingdom

@wotto Thanks for the feedback :) yeah, this is my first design for the site and I didn’t want to make it too busy or crowded. I’m taking another look at it now with your feedback in mind and have had a few good ideas of how to fill the negative space and make it more interesting.

kelhver kelhver Artist from United Kingdom

I’ve changed the design a bit if anyone else would like to take a look;

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