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Hey DBH community. I’ve been working on a new design that I might just submit. I’ve got the basic spirit of the design, I’m just working on details and deciding if and or how I’m going to expand it.

This is the basic idea. The idea is that it represents the left/right brain split as represented by yin and yang, nature and technology. Image is mirrored and the “right” (actually left) side is logic, technology, yang. Logic, technology and yang share the common traits: Masculine, powerful, illuminating. Yin, the “left” (again, actually right) side is intuition, nature, yin. Intuition, nature and yin share the common traits: Feminine, mysterious, “dark”. They join in the middle at the third eye, drawing power from the yinyang, “opposite” but thoroughly and inseparably linked.

This is the original page, it shows a preliminary sketch with the whole face and some alternate eyes/third eye combinations. Not sure if I want to try to refine the whole face idea, as I think that the eyes alone convey the message well and are quite striking

Lemme know if the pictures links don’t work

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