Dancing Lightning

posted by BrentDonoho • 4 years ago

here is a rough design for another shirt I’m working on.

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BrentDonoho BrentDonoho Human from Phoenix, United States

Here’s the Dancing Lightning design, another rough I’m working on.

slamgirl65 slamgirl65 Artist from Michigan, United States

I like the second design the best. The zigzag shape creates a really appealing motion, but something about the figure seems a little out of sync. Perhaps a different pose or orientation? Other than that, the only thing I’d say it needs is some more colors to give solidity to the rhythm. Nice design :)

BioWorkZ BioWorkZ Artist from Los Angeles, CA, United States

It feels incomplete. Definitely needs more color and more fills. Right now it’s a lot of fine lines with cool dynamic motions. It’s lacking some fullness to it. I hope this makes sense, but it’s nice to see something different. Really dig the composition. :)

BrentDonoho BrentDonoho Human from Phoenix, United States

Well , actually, they ARE incomplete. I’ll send more complete work next time, but I’m glad the compositions are good! That’s basically what I wanted to submit them to assess.

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