His Majesty

posted by Wildfeuer • 4 years ago

“There was a king who ruled the land
His majesty was in command…”

These are the first lines of Pink Floyd’s “Mathilda Mother”. The song and its dark psychedelic mood inspired me to my first design for DBH.

His Majesty

Unfortunately it didn’t get approved :(

The reason was: “Quality: Your design does not meet DBH’s quality standards. For example: pixelation, blurry lines, distorted images, lack of concept, poor artwork.”

I believe in the idea and concept behind it and need your advice. Please critique to help me get it to the next level!

Here is a larger version:

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Wildfeuer Wildfeuer Artist from Germany

I found out why it got declined. It was about the line art. Made some improvements and now its up for voting!

Check it out here!

Hope you like my first submission :)

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