new design, girl with dragon tattoo

posted by jshoemake15 • 4 years ago

if you guys could give some feedback on this art it would be helpful….. and if you like this drawing the way it is please help me vote at the girl with the dragon tattoo

here it is:

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Your image is linking to a Google mail attachment. I’d suggest changing it so it will show the image your attempting to preview.

jshoemake15 jshoemake15 Artist from United States

one more time :/

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Please keep your posts asking for votes to just one. Your multiple posts have been reported as spam and therefore removed. Please also refrain from posting large images of your art onto other artists submissions, those have also been reported as spam by several artists. We are not against you promoting your art at DBH but please try to be courteous of others when posting. Good luck with your latest design.

jshoemake15 jshoemake15 Artist from United States

Gotcha Mate!

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