First Shirt Design

posted by alek317 • 4 years ago

Flaming Lion design I made a while ago and converted for a t-shirt. Could use some tips and comments.

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qetza qetza Artist from United States

I think it looks good. At the preview size I can’t tell if it’s photo manipulation or illustration

alek317 alek317 Human from United States

It’s probably more of a photo manipulation. I used a photo of a lion as a stencil to make sure I got proportions and some details right when I was constructing my flaming lion.

Would you say this is submittable? Also would you have any good ideas for a title?

Darce Darce Human

I think it’s a great idea! I would say the nose looks a little funny to me (maybe needs a longer snout or something). Also the flaming mane could come down lower under his chin and maybe show his ear. Just my opinion…....“The Fire King”??

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