voodoo man

posted by maelstrom • 4 years ago

If anyone has the time could they please offer a critique on this design as I am thinking of submitting it soon and wnat to know what humans think.
I wanted to do something a bit creepy for fun and this is what I came up with…a kind of voodoo priest…tipping his hat in a “good evening to you sir” sort of way. I am just afraid I think that it is a bit too sinister? I also wanted to do something with almost just black and white…and large.
Anyway….....any advice or encouragement or constructive critisism would be most welcome and appreciated.
Cheers people!
! voodoo-man.jpg!

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maelstrom maelstrom Artist from New Zealand

Ooops….appears to have become a bit strecthed!!! hopefully you get the idea though. :-)

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