New to shirt design, please rate/critique

posted by Undomiele • 4 years ago

Hello!: )
So I guess if you read the title you already know that I’m new here, well not new to designing graphics really but just to making shirt designs so all your comments are very welcome and please tell me if I’m doing an “okay” job or where could I improve myself, etc.: ) Here’s my latest design called Tea Time

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

I edited your post so the design name was a clickable link rather than requiring people to copy and paste the link.

Undomiele Undomiele Artist from Lithuania

@Inked Oh thank you! Sorry new to the forum..

maeshanne maeshanne Human

I like your painting style

Darce Darce Human

I like it, you don’t see many shirts with that style!

Undomiele Undomiele Artist from Lithuania

Thanks!: )

jshoemake15 jshoemake15 Artist from United States

You clearly have the artistic skills to win on dbh, however the only criticism I would mention is in fact the style. Just look at most of the artwork on DBH. They seem to follow a particular trend. I’m not saying that you have to change your style but maybe next time instead of artwork regarding tea, perhaps you could make something about zombies, or animals etc. You know things that you commonly see on t shirts throughout this site. Good luck on your dbh journeys :)

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