posted by Mordo • 4 years ago

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Mordo Mordo Human from United States

This is the sketch scanned…


I did some work and made the skeleton look like this so far…
I would love to know what your guys opinion is on this…I’m still working on it…I’m thinkin about making the head a little smaller and adding like a top hat with a classic old cigar about to fall from his mouth and maybe add a body like a tux. It’ll also be like a comic-book style design with like little circles if you knw what I mean yeah I’m just like 25% done but what’s your opinions?

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

awesome skull.My opinion is adding more elements or anything unique about this skull or something that will make a story.Needs more refinement and still way to go finishing this one.I think at 25% WIP is not bad for this.nice

bomazu bomazu Artist from United Kingdom

Its a start and I like the placement, artwork aside I will say, try to make your photoshop mock ups a little higher quality. I know it’s only a mock up at this stage, but still good if you can make things look less pixilated by cutting out the model a little better. Keep it up!

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