New...Let me know what you guys think of this design

posted by EzSquirrel1 • 5 years ago

hey guys I have been working on some designs and was wondering what you guys think.

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EzSquirrel1 EzSquirrel1 Human from IL, United States

Sorry for the small pic…

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Is this design intended for DBH? Style-wise I don’t think it fits DBH’s aesthetic. I’m going to critique assuming it’s meant for submission here:
-main problem I think is that there’s an incongruity amount the separate elements. You have 3 very different types of fonts going on, from the very fancy text at top, to the block E and Z, to the squiggly “squirrel”. You have the cartoony character, with a weathered texture.
-the other big problem is that I have no idea what it’s about. What does this squirrel have to do with expressing yourself? What is the E and the Z stand for? Even if you know what it means. A t-shirt needs to pretty much be able to communicate what it’s about at a glance, because there’s nothing else along with it to provide a context. This shirt seems like some random things on a shirt.
-lastly, I don’t think the design of the squirrel is very appealing. By not appealing enough I’m not saying he isn’t cute enough or anything like that, I’m saying that the way he’s constructed and designed can use some work. His legs for instance don’t seem to make any sense. How does this character walk or sit or jump or do anything a squirrel does? His arms are longer than his body, which isn’t typical of squirrels. His ears aren’t the same size and aren’t in the same place on both sides of his head.
When you’re designing a character, even if he’s going to be a flat 2D character, it’s important to think about how he’s constructed 3dimensionally. How does he look from every angle, how would he move through space, etc. Even if we’re only going to see one static view of the character, it helps to make them feel real and believable. You want people to look at your character and immediately buy into them. The suspension of disbelief. I’d recommend doing a “turnaround”, which is what animators do when they design a character. They do front view, three quarter view, profile, back, etc. It’ll help you figure out how to make your character feel more solid.

Keep practicing, good luck.

Akaka Akaka Artist from Finland

That was a very good critique by thestray. It might be more suited for some other T-shirt site but even if you submit somewhere else, the weird-looking text and the unclear concept won’t do you any favours. I would look around and see what kinds of designs get printed and then think about making your message really clear and honing your art. Good luck!

JulianStarks JulianStarks Artist from DMV, United States

@thestray wow that was a very inspiring and detailed critique! @EzSquirrel1 I will say keep up the good work, we’re all on this site to be inspired and become better artists so take this critique and use it to create stronger work, and blow our minds with your next post!

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