ADVICE PLEASE... My First Submission

posted by JulianStarks • 4 years ago

I’m a true fan of all the amazing artwork on this site, I joined DBH to become a better artist, so you guys can help me with that by giving me your honest feedback on my first submission as well as letting me know how I can improve this design and as an artist in general. Thanks!!!

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Rkdoo Rkdoo Artist from Bucharest, Romania

Man these forums are really DEAD comparing to a year or two ago….
But to talk about your design…i like it but it still needs a lot to get done. First, ditch the girl and the cheetah…those are real life photos and you probably don’t have the license to use them. Also, a drawn character does better on a tshirt than a real life photomanipulation. Second, i would change the background shape, make the splatters uneven, extend to the top and bottom of the tshirt, not just a round design. What you got right now is good, but it’s better for a poster rather than a tshirt

JulianStarks JulianStarks Artist from DMV, United States

@Rkdoo Geeze man, I really appreciate your feedback! It’s real sad when a person is honestly is open to critique and asking a whole community for advice and doesn’t get anything back.

I really understand what you’re saying about the whole photo-manipulation thing vs. illustration, I guess I was just in a Photoshop mood and wanted to put something out. Also, thanks for the advice on the background and extending the design, I’ve always been kinda nervous about making design a little to big on shirts. But you’ve been a big help!

Rkdoo Rkdoo Artist from Bucharest, Romania

Keep up the good work man. You’ll get there. Good luck

ORabbit ORabbit Artist from NY, United States

To me, it looks like some cool stuff on a shirt, and nothing more. What’s your concept? Your background is a nice start, but I would want to see more of a story or idea there.

JulianStarks JulianStarks Artist from DMV, United States

@ORabbit yes I can definitely see your point. I tried to include stars in the background, and inside the splatters (to represent dreams) and the woman walking to indicate a person leaving their comfort zone to chase their dreams but honestly I really didn’t do a great job at telling that story.

I can definitely do better, and will use your advice moving forward. Thanks!!!

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

Great composition indeed.For some advise,do not go for photo manipulation for shirt design.I know you got skills and you can do more original designs.Keep it up dude

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

Hi Julian! I’ve seen that you’ve placed a paper texture at the background of the design. That’s nice but as the others have been telling, it would be great if you leave out the photo stuffs incorporated in your designs. Perhaps you can substitute that texture with halftones instead? When creating a design, always keep in mind that, is this printable? Will I be able to wear this? Or is it compatible with both sexes? Personally, I love the colors that you used! But sometimes, less is more. Some designs doesn’t require to much elements and too much of it would only confuse the viewer’s eyes. I can see you’ve got great potential, just keep on experimenting and do lots of research. Everything was pretty much explained by sir wotto and the good guys here. Hope I was able to help. Best of luck! :)

brucejaney brucejaney Human from TN, United States

Hi JulianStark, I really like your creativity, I agree with Rkdoo about the cheetah issue, but designs are truly amazing. The way you have mix the combination is superb.
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Nikoby Nikoby Artist from FL, United States

I agree with pinkstorm, using halftones effectively will help you a lot. I just recently started getting into halftones, and they can really add a lot to a design. There is a lot of potential on dbh for photomanipulation prints, imho. The trick is to make things look as though they were never a photo at all.

Also, I too have found that subject matter is very important as well.

I don’t know if you already know how to do halftones or not, but I’ll post some good tutorials I’ve come across for you soon.

Nikoby Nikoby Artist from FL, United States

I don’t know if it is bad to post links to other shirt sites, but I had found these two tutorials really useful on this other site. I will just put click here instead of the entire url, so it won’t show the other sites name unless clicked on. DBH, if this is a no no, feel free to delete this, I don’t want to get in trouble, just trying to help.

click here
click here

Nikoby Nikoby Artist from FL, United States
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