Does this design make sense for a T-Shirt?

posted by shandsy • 5 years ago

This is my first time submitting anything to DBH, and I would appreciate any constructive feedback you have to offer!

I made the design with traditional media (pigment liner and alcohol-based liners) and later scanned it in.

Here is the artwork:

Here is the placement:

Is this a decent design for a T-Shirt, or is the background too bare?

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drakeramora drakeramora Human from United States

I like it. The all over art is done amazingly. Great work!

michaelziersch michaelziersch Human from SA, Australia

Looks Good, Don’t worry about plain backgrounds it’s fine.

Would you consider using a different medium or going over a bit on the computer? I like traditional media a lot – but in this particular case, some of the texture in the blue and purple areas is a it weird and distracting from the image. The hair looks great.

Good luck with it,
Michael Ziersch

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

It’s a cool design and you obviously have skills in drawing and design but I wonder how many customers would actually wear this tee. Designing for t-shirts is tricky because it not only needs to be technically well designed but also work for an audience who are going to part with their hard earned cash for a tee. The idea/theme/concept is as important as the ability to draw/design. Lucky for you you have the skills all you need now is a very appealing design idea. Take a look at the Top 50 Most Wanted for inspiration, after all they are the most popular pieces of art here. Good luck.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Very nicely done, I agree with Wotto, it’s only a matter a time for you because you’ve definitely got the skills to make it happen. Good luck.

lunatorium lunatorium Artist from United States

I really like this.

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