could this be a wrap around print??

posted by makai • 4 years ago

could this possibly be a wrap around print?
does anyone like the idea? is it submittable yet?
(it’s developed from a vintage medicine graphic from pepin, and i just liked it so i wanted to have it all around me…)

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


Yes this is printable. We actually printed a double sided all over print called Stay on Target by Tastyhills:

I have to say though this is a tricky print to pull off and we would only do it for a really cool design with lots of attention from our community. Best of luck with your design.

makai makai Artist from United Kingdom

Thankyou Wotto!
Maybee my composition is a little too abstract, to be a sudden superhit, —-
so i will play with another component to throw in…

slamgirl65 slamgirl65 Artist from Michigan, United States

Printable or not, I just wanted to tell you what a gorgeous design that is. Love it.

makai makai Artist from United Kingdom

Oh, thanks very much slamgirl! i would LOVE this as my nice new shirt too, but it will have to wait until i can really work it out still more convincingly.

ShengeBana ShengeBana Human from Serbia

Nice design.

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