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posted by stelala • 5 years ago

Hi there guys,

I’m very new to DBH, and quite enjoying what I see here.

I’ve started designing an all-over model and I wanted to get some opinions. I don’t know whether the style is suited or if I should put more effort into it. You guys be the judges.

So, here’s the design itself (it’s all vector, 3 colours):

And on a model:

Oh yeah, and you can be rough, as I said I’m new so any critique is helpful.


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FeatherStones FeatherStones Human from Victoria, Australia

I like it a lot. Not a very helpful critique I know. I’m totally new here, but I’m just saying.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

This is well drawn and very well presented but the theme/content may not appeal to the dBH customer. Take a look at the current Top 50 Most Wanted tees to get a flavor of what does well here. You obviously have skills and I am sure you’ll do well here but the theme/idea/concept of your art is something you really have to consider. Welcome to DBH and good luck with your submissions.

lunatorium lunatorium Artist from United States

I agree with wotto. This is excellent but I’m not sure it’s…edgy(?) enough for the DBH customer base. Don’t take that to heart, I’m pretty sure mine isn’t either... But if you were able to find a way to make it darker, perhaps make the deer a constellation in a night sky with the branches as a silhouette, it might work!

stelala stelala Human from United Kingdom

Cheers for the answers, guys. Yeah, I guess you’re right regarding the concept, didn’t put much thought into that until now. I set myself to do something more artsy, as oposed to the puns that work more on platforms like threadless. I have some designs submitted there, but it’s not that appealing if you’re looking to do something more complicated/abstract, at least that’s my impression after having seen the printed designs.
The idea with the constellation is great, thanks :D, I’m gonna go in that direction. I’ve seen similar models, think that is kind of the trend around here.
Should I also include some typography/ message to go with the illustration? or something on the back (donno if that can be printed though)

Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome and I’ll keep you posted on the developments :D

lunatorium lunatorium Artist from United States

I’m glad you liked my idea! I hope it works out, but whatever you do, I know it will be cool because you have a really great concept going. Personally I think it has more impact without any message. Its ambiguity is part of what draws you in.

If you have a spare moment, could you check my design out and give some feedback? I’d really appreciate it!

slamgirl65 slamgirl65 Artist from Michigan, United States

I know they’ve done prints that wrap around, but I’m not sure what the criteria is for getting a wrap around design printed. I think it might be case by case, but I’m really curious about that as well since I plan on submitting a wrap around design. I really like your work if that counts for anything. Your line work and color choices are great, and you’ve used the space really well. I also find your choice of perspective intriguing. If this got printed I’d probably buy it.

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