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posted by GTjiyeon • 5 years ago

I need help in choosing which layout/placement of my design to submit here in DBH.
which one of these is better for you guys? layout1 or layout2?

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navi5111 navi5111 Artist from California, United States

I like your design and I like your first layout, but then it kind of looks like the boogey man is saying whats in the graphic element above him, so I feel it fights for attention with the other graphic element. Layout #2 is better, but then it feels like there is to much empty space. and then the graphic element on the sleeve feels out of place. Personally I think that the graphic element on the sleeve should have it’s own shirt just by itself and that the boogeyman and the kid concept should be up higher.

GTjiyeon GTjiyeon Artist from Philippines

Oh thanks for the input!

I forgot to put a description about my design.
What i intended for this design was to show this horror villain telling a ‘kid’ horror villain, a horror tale. Or what to them is a horror tale, which is when the hero (guy in d balloon element) becomes victorious.
Personally i’m more in favor of my first layout because it’s what i really wanted to show.
Layout 2 is good too, i just wanted to know what you guys think. :-)

navi5111 navi5111 Artist from California, United States

In that case your layout #1 works best, but I still think that shrinking the guy in the balloon just a little would be better because you have these two huge graphic elements that compete for attention. I really like your concept though.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

I disagree with navi5111, I think it all works fine in the 1st layout, the concept is clear (to me at least), and it flows well. I don’t like the balloon on the shoulder idea at all, and I don’t think DBH or most other places would ever be able to print it on the shoulder like that.

I think you could get rid of “groovy” though.

GTjiyeon GTjiyeon Artist from Philippines

@thestray yeah i think i’ll get rid of the groovy text.
I think i’ll be going with Layout 1 on this one. I’ll be submitting this later. wish me luck ^^

gavind gavind Human from United States

I like layout #2. #1 looks disorganized.

FreakyPhil FreakyPhil Artist from Styria, Austria

hm….I don’t like it when something is printed on the shoulders but #2 still looks better too me
Great Design by the way :)

bhull111 bhull111 Human from OH, United States
#1 is definitely the way to go. #2 doesn’t show the story as you want to portray it. When I saw the first layout, I could tell instantly that it was a scary campfire story in reverse (grown villain scaring a child villain with a story of a hero), but when I look at #2, all it seems like is a weird version of the movie Freddy vs. Jason. The only thing I would say is to shrink the bubble, but extend the beginning of it that comes out of Freddy so that his arms are not overlapping Ash so they do not look blended together since they are the same colors, or at least move it up enough so that more of Freddy’s right hand is out of the balloon since that is the most iconic part of Freddy. And I agree with thestray about dropping the “Groovy”.
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