Feather dusted 2.5

posted by Ampix0 • 5 years ago

I actually tried this on another ite, because I felt with a mainly male audience here it wouldn’t do well. Believe it or not, it did bad anyway XD.

So how do we think it would do here? or what do you think is wrong with it.

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Tahitian Tahitian Artist from Wisconsin, United States

I don’t see anything wrong with it… Looks good to me

VanForShort VanForShort Human from Kentucky, United States

I really enjoy this! What would it look like on a grey shirt? Love the colors =D

gavind gavind Human from United States

Yep. I like the color combination/harmony the most.

lunatorium lunatorium Artist from United States

I like it and agree with VanForShort; it would look great on a grey shirt. Maybe light grey?

Ampix0 Ampix0 Artist from NJ, United States

http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/211105 put it up finally.

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