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posted by Noamos • 5 years ago

hey guys I’m new to the whole t-shirt art thing and wanting some crits on work I’ve done and what areas I can improve on.

Thanks in advance

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Noamos Noamos Artist from AZ, United States

pics didn’t show up on here and can seem to edit thread.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi, You posted the images incorrectly, I fixed it.

You obviously have some skill in creating line work and some of these pieces have potential. I would say take your time, most of these pieces look unfinished. You should refine your line-work, take a look at the work of Hydro74 and Mr-Nicolo for examples of very clean line art. You should also take one design and work on it more making it more finished and polished. Quality will always win over quantity. Best of luck.

Heyjazjaz Heyjazjaz Human from United States

I like the lion, but the others aren’t quite as in depth as the lion. So i have to agree that the others need more work.

Noamos Noamos Artist from AZ, United States

thanks you hey jaz jaz I keep working on it.

Noamos Noamos Artist from AZ, United States

thanks wotto going to work on it , I appreciate your input

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