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posted by agentredfield • 5 years ago

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JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

I’d go with white or black.

White would make the design blend more with the shirt, but black would make the color and design pop more…

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

Black is super safe and it looks great. The light green and royal blue also caught my attention. I’d maybe hold onto those as options for girls. Beautiful first design submit! Good luck with whatever you end up going with.

agentredfield agentredfield Artist from United States

Thanks :) So I’m thinking the royal blue for girls because the blending is nice and I agree the black makes it pop but my concern is that it looks too photoshopped on there, in so much as the streaks look ‘off’. Maybe I’ve just been staring at these too long though..

agentredfield agentredfield Artist from United States

Update Here is the black guy shirt, what do the humans think?

agentredfield agentredfield Artist from United States

Ok here we go: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/206341/

Shameless self promotion :D

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