Ok, so my design just got accepted....

posted by intooishun • 5 years ago

so my first design just got accepted and i literally made this account around 6 hours ago so im pretty new here, so i was wondering if you guys would give me some feedback, good or bad, i really dont mind, and heck if you really like it vote for it, thanks in advance.
link: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/206129/

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7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

Interesting idea…the colors just seem a bit odd for it and can be hard to tell what it is without staring at it for a bit

inkbuilder1 inkbuilder1 Human from Australia

Congrats Intooishun,
Enjoyable moment so nice work, I am appreciated you.
Keep it up!
Thank you.

jazrel13 jazrel13 Artist from manila, Philippines

i should’ve post my design here before submitting .. i am also new so i didn’t knew that theres a forum that can criticized my work.. next time before i submit i’ll post it here… :)

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