Run Bat Run! --- Making the Design

posted by Diegonzalez • 5 years ago

As I’ve seen there are some that are choosing my shirt in the post ‘‘what would you pick?’‘ I would like you to watch this little making-of I’ve made for you…I’m a bit embarrassed to show some of the sketches but well…Rough drawings!!roll out!! LOL:

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mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines

have you received your winning notification yet? I wonder if you have. because you are one of the real faves in here so I would think they’d have asked you for an interview already. if they had picked the 5 winners already they’d have been all informed by now right? tell me I am wrong because I am sitting on needles and dying to know. yours is a standout as the only one daring to make us laugh and succeeding. gimme some hope here please and shed some light

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

@mikeguevy: No man I haven’t received anything yet and I don’t think they will, I just got 140 votes, there are a lot of participations with more than 200 votes!! they did an incredible promotion u____u

airborne airborne Artist from Philippines

dude I like your entry, very funny topnotch!

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

: DDDDDD Thanks airborne.

ccink ccink Artist from United States

@Diegonzalez Yeah, I thought yours was really fun, made me laugh, brought something new and fresh to the designs. Don’t feel bad about not getting a finalist nod…there were many great designs that got overlooked for one reason or another. You still did a great job!

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

Thanks ccink but the level was incredible! In case DBH chooses it between the 6-10 I’m planning to remaster it, fix some things and put it in a black shirt better than white.

pigboom pigboom Artist from Antique, Philippines

i really love this entry..such fun design and the humor is too cool! ahaha..\m/..goodluck dude!

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

Thanks pigboom : D

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

very cool, I always love to see the process. Very unique and amusing design.

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

Thanks wotto ! I just hope WB selects it U_U, so many people will wear it : )

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