Need some critique to my rejected design please... for future works XD

posted by vanflyhigh • 5 years ago

I Rise for Gotham

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CSOCC CSOCC Artist from United Kingdom

Hey man I’d agree with the earlier comment, you have an illustrated batman and then a moon that looks like it was photoshopped in there from a google image. Just go away and draw a moon to drop in there, or check what the design looks like if you take the moon out completely, or put something else in there… have a little play.

The colours are a matter of taste and taste alone, they do work in their own way I feel, but as has been pointed out, they may not gel with the dark theme of the subject matter.

So long as the batman was your creation and not pinched from anywhere there’s nothing else about this I can see that would make it a failure, it’s on its way to being a pretty cool t-shirt!!!

vanflyhigh vanflyhigh Artist from Philippines

thanks CSOCC... yeah the rejection email says that it just didnt make up …(to the last day of submission). i passed it a week before.. but anyway… your comments guys really makes me feel better ..:) thanks CSOCC have a nice day XD

DuKord DuKord Artist

Sometimes mixed mediums work sometimes they don’t. In this case I think the two mediums are not melding. Maybe its because of the two different colour schemes (red and blue v greyscale). Maybe incorporating the blue and red into the moon and buildings might marry it up abit. Just my opinion, art is a very personal thing but on this website you must ask yourself are you designing for you or the market. I design for me….which is why I have never been printed :) but I live in hope. Carry on your designs, every new design is a learning curve.

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