TDKR - There is a Storm Coming / Feedback Please!

posted by darkwizard • 5 years ago

Hi everybody!
Last night I finished my second proposal to enter the contest!
Now waiting on the approval ( hell yeah! )
How do you guys like it?



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a friend of mine is telling me she is not able to see the images… please let me know if you guys are not able to see the images so I can upload them on another server…

I got rejected same as many over there..
I was pretty sure my design was going to made it into the contest.. reasons are not clear..

good luck to those who are participating.. there are many great designs…. I will vote for the best over there..

Would love to hear an explanation from WB about the reasons to reject mine.

villanova villanova Human from PA, United States

Nice job w/ this. Really? This was rejected?

@villanova thanks a lot for your words!

yes… WB rejected it… don’t know why exactly… anyways I am proud of my work…

villanova villanova Human from PA, United States

What did you use to design?

Illustrator and Photoshop..
everything is 300dpi… all photoshop work was done using vectors generated from Illustrator, brushes and others.. I used some images of batman at the beginning but changed everything to made my art.

I created some high quality brushes for the abstract background using distorted versions of the batman logo

AshleyLauren AshleyLauren Artist from United States

I have a friend who was rejected as well and her design was great just as yours is. I don’t know what the deal is, there seems to be designs that made it and I have no clue why. They clutter up the pages for the designs that are truly amazing (Sad). This design is so cool and I’m sad to see that it didn’t make it after all the hard work you put into it. I cannot tell you why it was rejected, it should have been approved.

@AshleyLauren , in the middle of the confusion your words are helping me a lot to feel better.
I wrote back to DBH asking them to consider again my design ( not faith on this, since I know the contest is closed ) ... I enjoyed all the process a lot and now I am voting for my favorite ones..

There are so great works to see and vote.. I am learning a lot from this my first time here to participate and also loving to chat with other artists just like you.

Your support is, from all this experience.. the best!

towelie towelie Human from Colorado, United States

Hey it’s a good portfolio piece anyways. I’d go all the way and make a full illustration out of it.

@towelie , yes, I thought the same.. at least it will become part of my portfolio. Not sure about putting more time on it since I already invest close to 30 hours on it. Plus putting on hold lots of clients… hehe not good deal.
Instead I will invest some time upgrading my portfolio as you recommend. :0)

Feeling better now.

PaulSoFresh PaulSoFresh Human from IL, United States

@darkwizard – Good work! You would’ve had my vote.

@PaulSoFresh , I have your vote now and that’s a great reward to me.
Thanks a lot!

Good to know you guys and read your comments!
This is by far the best part of the experience!

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

There’s a lot more challenges and chances ahead. Keep up the good works !

Thanks a lot jun087!
I will keep working and become part of the community!

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