Critique my snake please!

posted by Radiodead • 5 years ago

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

I like the colors and the style but I don’t see a real theme or idea to the design. Your work kind of reminds me of Benders ( but I think you need to add many more elements to this to make it a finished piece. Great start just keep on truckin’.

Radiodead Radiodead Human from United States

Thank you!
I agree! (I like Benders gallery and his use of color schemes)

JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

I agree with wotto; it needs more. It’s a great design with good color contrast, but it seems like it would sit rather small and alone on a shirt.

It looks like there’s a poker or playing card theme here, is that right? In that case, I think it would be cool to have poker chips and/or playing cards falling or scattered in some sort of background design that would cover more of the shirt and keep with the color scheme while spreading it out.

Nystrand Nystrand Human from New Jersey, United States

I’m not digging the white hat at all and maybe rather than blue, use green on the snake and background? Also, it definitely needs more to it; Even if the design was big and sat in the right spot on the shirt, it wouldn’t be enough. Keep it up, this has potential!

AsakuraStudio AsakuraStudio Human from United States

it needs more some details on it. add more stuffs to show the charisma of the design.

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