Looking for Answers and Critique

posted by Belesy • 5 years ago

Not sure if this design would be considered an all-over design. If so I’m sure the full-colored one has too many colors. Right?

I also designed it in gray tones.

I’d really like some opinions on whether this could work in DBH? Or any other suggestions.

Thank You Kindly!

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Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

I think the gray style one is very cool looking, but think it could be more interesting if you used the inner most circle again in the design. I’m not sure if it would be an all over or just oversized, but it feels just a little too big to me on the shirt, I would make it just a bit smaller. Anyways, cool stuff!

Also check out the critique I posted If you like. http://www.designbyhumans.com/forum/critique/1139846/

Belesy Belesy Human from United States

@Anti-Hu I survived Hurricane Irene… so here’s the smaller Gray version.

Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

Yea that looks good to me. Could just be my preference on it being smaller though. And good to hear you got through that situation. :)

Belesy Belesy Human from United States

@wotto May I have an opinion from you on the color limit on this design and the design itself? Thanks!

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