Can I get some feedback on this?

posted by Company34 • 6 years ago

I appreciate any feedback as always!

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Intrepid Intrepid Artist

A bit too feminine for my tastes but a really nice design.

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

I agree with intrepid.

I have a few questions however…

1. Did you create the images or are they stock images?
2. How does it look with a shoulder or lower left/right placement?

Company34 Company34 Artist

Thanks guys. Yeah I suppose it is a bit feminine. Guess I need to download a female model or change it up a bit. @7sixes…I guess I have an issue with moving designs around and cutting off elements. As far as the art, if you want a breakdown – some parts of the swirls came from a stock design and I added to it for a better flow. The bird came from a public domain drawing which I cleaned up a bit, but he won’t be the final bird if I sub. I put him there so I could get some feed back on the design, which is about how “Time Flies” hence all the winged things. The butterflies came from drawings which I hand copied and then scanned, cleaned up and then vectorized. The clock parts are a series of circles, wedges, rectangles, triangles etc.
Thanks for the feedback!

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