How DBH select winning tees?

posted by robniel • 6 years ago

I’m just really curious how DBH select SOTD etc.What really my point is does the winning tee depend on the current votes and supporters??What the real scenario is I’ve seen so many fantastic and stunning designs here and yet got less votes compare to those works of familiar artist here at DBH. I can say some artworks are inconsistent even they are works of those multi winners here.What I see now is new members got less chance of winning than those who have been here for a years.Correct me if I’m wrong about this issues dear artist :) I hope DBH see these perspectives and base tee selection not just through a large percent of number of votes but something that really deserve to be printed.Any information and response will be appreciated.Goodluck everyone :)

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Xeretic Xeretic Artist

Just wondering why is this question always left unanswered (and it has been posted very often). Even a slight insight would be fair, since the criteria are always very vaguely explained.

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

Found on the submit a design page:

4. How Are Winners Chosen?

Winners are chosen depending on many factors such as the number of votes the submission has received, the rate at which it has received the votes, where the votes are coming from, the comments on the submission, and where/from whom comments are coming from. If a submission is performing extremely well it will be chosen as a winner. Submissions that are chosen as one of our winning Shirts of the Day will then be eligible to be selected as a winning Shirt of the Week and/or Month. For more details on the contest and prizes go here. Fraud voting is tracked and will not be considered in the overall score of a design.


Basically DBH chooses shirts based on community response and their feeling on whether a shirt would actually sell.

Crooked Crooked Human

In my mind, DBH is going to choose a design that will make them the most money, that’s the entire point. Picking favorites (artists) wouldn’t necessarily make them more money, which is why there are a lot of single winners out there as well.

Theres sooooo many excellent shirts on this site, I cannot imagine going through and picking just a few to print.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

This has come up before. It’s an illusion. Nobody has any more chance to win than anyone else. First timers get printed often. The people who get printed repeatedly typically submit stuff that’s good, and have shirts that sell well, and they also submit often. On the other hand, there are more than a few artists who have been printed, like myself, and still have misses. I’ve had 6 prints myself, and everything after that has failed, haha. So obviously me being here for years, and even now having a staff banner, has no effect.

I know it’s easier and neater to assume that the curator just plays favorites, but it’s not the case. Every design gets judged by it’s own merits and it’s ability to sell.

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