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WIP thread volume 2

posted by biotwist • January 2, 2011

1719 Replies

Dude that’s rad!

oh cool, this thread is still going


how did this thread die? this used to be very active and awesome. do users just start new threads for each of their works in progress?

I’m hoping you guys will be able to help me! Not quite sure what this needs before I submit it or if it is already ready to submit! “”

bump this thread to the top!

bump this thread to the top!

awww I miss this thread

UNLIKE other site, everyone can be winner on DBH!!!

how so?

what do u think?

Wip….. :)

Currently working on skulls, again. Can`t get rid of it. ;)

Had to re bump this. Time to get the art community aspect of this site going again! I’ll be posting soon!

Haha this thread is awesome, I’m new to the party, hi hümans ;)

Break Free



Minions and DBZ fans, don’t go papaya, keep calm and watch a Minion Going Super Banana Tree ^^

Here’s the preparatory sketch and wip:

And the finished design, which you can find here on my store.

Enjoy hümans and have a good day ;)

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