Poster prints of some of my work

posted by OmegaMan5000 • 6 years ago

Hey guys, I recently opened up a shop on to sell some poster prints of my designs. I currently have my first (and only, heh) print at DBH there up for sale along with the 2 other designs I have in the running and one or two other goodies. If anybody’s interested here’s a link to my shop

and even if you don’t feel like snatchin anything up you can always click on the shiney ‘promote’ button for me when you click on the designs. After you get a certain amount they add you to their official shop and your design shows up on the ‘popular’ page, which gets it much more exposure! :D

thanks a bunch.

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OmegaMan5000 OmegaMan5000 Artist from United States

Cool man, glad you like it. I’ve been thinking about subbing that here too for a little while, but I can’t find a blank it looks good on. Plus I might need to tweak the colors a bit. :)

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