5 Facts

posted by thestray • 7 years ago

Boredddd. Here’s a fun way to get to know each other. Post 5 random facts about yourself.

Guess I’ll start if off.

1. I have 3 younger brothers.
2. I met Jackie Chan once!
3. I have a collection of over 300 comic books
4. I have a band called Kiss My Aesthetic that consists of just me
5. My favorite cartoon is Home Movies

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ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist

Heheheh xD

I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Karyn2002 said: Hahahahahahahahaha.

Ok,Daniel, I said I’ve been studying French for 15 years, but not continuously and I must still take one more semester this year.

Movie Quotes:


I always loved languages, I had a German course once, it last 3 months I think but, ya know, things got ruogh for my wallet cuz German is one of the most expensive languages to learn down here (following french from a close distance) So I just know how to say a couple of things and mostly pick up lines and compliments for the ladies 8D

Movie quote of the day, ‘It’s Not A Motorcycle Baby, It’s A Chopper’

ratkiss ratkiss Artist

1. I have pet rats
2. My cat is deaf.
3. I love roller coasters.
4. I’m a vegetarian.
5. I don’t have any tattoos but find them very intriguing.

chunkee chunkee Human

i had rats too, they ‘re great.
and i’m with you on 4. and 5.

ratkiss ratkiss Artist

high five! :)

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

1) i’m the worlds worst procrastinator
2) i’m 6 foot 2
3) i spend most of my free time chasing waves
4) i’m currently memorizing as many lines from the doco pumping iron as humanly possible
5) James May is my favorite presenter on top gear

Your #1 actually is a title I am more deserving of Andreas.

Efunk Efunk Artist from United States

1. ive never dyed my hair
2. i saw bill murray at sxsw… he was too busy talking to skeezers to take a pic tho 8)
3. ive been told i look like steve zahn
4. i have an older brother who often asks me for advice
5. ive always wanted a spider monkey for a pet, like in ace ventura

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