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Random Whatever thread

posted by thestray • 9 years ago

A-yes yes ya’ll and ya don’t stoooooop!!

Here’s a thread, for you to talk about anything. You don’t have to worry about going off topic because there is no topic, there’s no train to derail, just a fun free-for-all. winkity wink wink.

So, anyway, I was thinking… I’d consider someone the greatest writer on earth if they could use a fart not for laughs, but for drama. How mindblowing and ground-breaking would it be if the saddest part of a movie is when someone farted? They let loose a pppppffffbbbbt... and you just bawl your eyes out because it was such a heart breaking moment. I think that, right there, is the holy grail of drama. The dramatic fart.

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@thestray Like subject matter that go in and out of style. animals, specifically octopi, ravens, tigers, bucks ect.

totally derped there. sorry about that.

Hahahahahahah…. totally funny..

Yay, it tis Friday. It’s a slow day at my job.

hey all whats up any of u got a DA account should watch me im nothing special but would like to see u all stuff too so i will watch back and will get you more watchers . heres my da hope to see yea cheers .
also here hope u join up in my group ,

Anyone know when this DBH gold sale ends?

@Autogaki The DBHGold code should (assuming no changes) be available until Monday evening.

hey BEASTPOP, expect the sales of your Hey Cthul-Aid R’leeehhh! shirt to explode. Deadmau5 just posted a picture on his Instagram and everyone on there wants one…haha. Good job dude.

I’m waiting for my first sale :(

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