My shirt "Star Wolf" was on TV!

posted by Recycledwax • 7 years ago

A friend called me in panic saying open your TV a stand-up comedian is wearing your shirt!!!
I was so surprise to see “Les Denis Drolet” (a french stand-up comedians) wearing my shirt in a Just For Laugh special at TVA (Québec chanel). The other guy is also wearing another Design By Humans t-shirt!

I’m so happy and stunt right now! :)

And my friend put it on youtube too. ->

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myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

WOW. Im envious!
COngrats!. ahahaha

care to share.
a pic of someone whose wearing my shirt?

i know its not on tv. lols.
COngrats RecycledWax
the other shirt looked familiar too.
it was made by Studio8works i guess?

zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

hahaha congratulations!!! this is great, hey I just got an idea!! anybody who spot my Freedom Fighter design on TV and recorded it..i will give him a free shirt of his is that? hehehe…cool stuff!!!
:D Cheers!!!

AModernMyth007 AModernMyth007 Artist from United States

Thats awesome congrats! =)

OmarO OmarO Human

Denis Drolet at TVA wearing your shirt!

TVA’s pretty big in Quebec, by the way. Same thing for Denis Drolet. Everyone knows them.

The other shirt is this one:
I know because I bought it for my sister, haha.

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

yeah, that’s a funny and nice feedback for your work, congrats, wax!

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

Wow,this is grt … yeah the other Tee is a Studio8works’s design … CONGRATS ! for u all .. :) ..

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States


FluentSword FluentSword Artist

That’s rad man. Everytime I see that shirt I think of Starfox 64.

mj00 mj00 Artist from United States

Ha, that rules!

M4L1K M4L1K Artist

Wow that’s awesome ! Congrats :)

jason jason Human

So cool!

Radi Radi Human

It looks better on me :p


lhifx lhifx Artist

congrats Recycledwax!!

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