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Weird Stats Tracking

posted by Snazzygaz • 1 year ago

Over the past few days I’ve noticed a massive spike in sales and views for specific listings which I attributed to being posted elsewhere and getting traction by 3rd parties they might appeal to, but the sales and views have since been wiped from the stats history, in the order of 80+ sales over 3 days.

What’s the dealio yo

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@snazzygaz- do you have any screenshots of what you’ve been seeing on your dashboard?

The forum won’t allow external images at all so you’ve gotta attach them to a default imgur url after a forward slash I’m afraid.

This was yesterday at midday which finished tracking at 41 sales for the 28th : 0wefyMb
Vs today which was tracking at 24 sales before the rollback : IXvwKwv

@snazzygaz- Checking in with the development team it looks like a code change made mid Friday caused our admin system to duplicate several individual admin orders up to 40-100 times.

This morning we fixed the problem which is why sales numbers blew up over the weekend and then were wiped away today. Baphomet Nirvana and Holy Roman Empire Eagle were in orders that were duplicated.

Cool beans, thanks for the quick follow up

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