Can't get past Choose Color Menu

posted by amatoryknight • 6 months ago

I was able to upload a shirt about two weeks ago just fine but for some reason I’m having a problem getting past the part where you choose colors for apparel. Made sure I chose the colors needed for the design and everything but when I press continue it scrolls back to the top and nothing happens. Can’t even save it for later or anything. Does anyone know a solution to this since customer service isn’t responding.

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CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States

@amatoryknight- Thanks for reaching out. Our customer service team offers support from 8am – 5pm Pacific Time. Your email request was responded to this morning. We are experiencing some issues with the uploader. If you can send us back the information requested in the email that would help us greatly in resolving the bug. Thanks!

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