How to know if design is approved

posted by Rvisuals • 8 months ago


So i believe i cant find my designs by searching them because they arent approved ?
I found through the internet

Shouldnt it say pending approval or something ?
Also i submitted the design like 14 hours ago
How long does it take ?

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CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States

@Rvisuals- Although your product will be live upon submission, it will not be in the ‘new’ section of the site or available in search until it has been reviewed by a member of the art moderation team. Art review can take 24-72 hours depending on the number of submissions in the review queue. If you artwork is rejected, you’ll receive an email that explains the rejection reason. If one or more designs are approved in a day, you’ll receive an email with links to share your approved products on social media. Hope this information helps!

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