Massive counterfeits on Amazon of DBH specifically

posted by Snazzygaz • 2 months ago

Search LVTIANRAN in the US Amazon and the entire catalogue is ripped from DBH, shirt preview included

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TAOJB TAOJB Human from United Kingdom

yep yep, 26 pages of artwork and every single one lifted from us

VesnaDesigns VesnaDesigns Human from Bosnia and Herzegovina

You should report the stolen images to Amazon. I already did it 3 times.. Hopefully they will ban them forever.
But there are a lot of them, it’s really hard to keep the track

robotface robotface Human from California, United States

It seems like this would be an opportunity for DBH to step in and contact Amazon directly on behalf of their designers.

I really don’t understand why this shop is still up.

Over 1,000 stolen DBH designs all in one shop.

This is the worst I’ve ever seen.

march1studios march1studios Human from Ontario, Canada

@robotface Thanks for hitting me up on Redbubble. I’ve reported them. I’m going to contact support about it too.

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